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No fucking around here

Documenting the democratic sponsored riots of 2020.
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No fucking around here

Post by RebelRooster »

The "No F***ing Around Coalition" managed to fuck around and shoot three of their own with friendly fire in Louisville as they assembled to march downtown and make a political statement. Details are not forthcoming at this time but it seems that one of their group managed to accidentally shoot three of his fellows.

Grandmaster Jay who leads this band of "Highly trained activist" hasn't made a statement yet on the shooting. One of the groups members stated that "Accidents happen" as if it's no big deal and should go unnoticed. They are assembling in Louisville to protest an accident that happened there when Breonna Taylor was shot and killed during the serving of a "no knock" warrant. The member that accidently shot three of the other members should be held to the same standard that they wish to hold the city to. He needs to be arrested, tried and convicted of a crime that prevents him from owning a firearm.

The death of Breonna Taylor was a tragic loss. She deserves to have those responsible held accountable. We need to eliminate the use of "No Knock" warrants. If someone bursts into my home you can bet your ass I'm gonna shoot him, I'm not waiting to discover what his intentions are before defending myself from an home invasion. The officers that conducted the entry were ordered to do so, they were under stress and it was a recipe for a tragic outcome. The ones that sought the warrant and ordered the entry should be the primary people of interest in this case.

If you'd like to read an article about the demonstration where Grandmaster Jay states “I need y’all to repeat after me: if we don’t get the truth, the whole truth, and the mother****ing truth, we are, going to, burn this mother****er down.” there's a link below. ... e#stream/0

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Re: No fucking around here

Post by Guest »

Negligent Firearm Accidents Coalition

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